Last Post: Thank You

After 732 posts  and 4,135 tweets we come to the end of 1812. 

I want to thank all the readers of this blog. I also want to thank those who have read the companion twitter feed of @1812now and especially the earliest followers such as Kady O'Malley @kady, Andrew Coyne @acoyne, Walter Russell Mead @wrmead, @Moonbootica, and @2nerdyhistgirls. There are too many others to name but I want everyone to know that I am very appreciative of your interest, retweets and comments. I also want to thank my wife who has put up with my tweeting ways. 

I have enjoyed and learned a great deal during the last year. The intersection of the past with the now has been a lifelong source of interest. It is something that I wish to continue to explore. As a consequence, I have decided to continue into 1813 and have changed the twitter handle to @1813now (now @pastnow_) and set up a new blog called pastnow. I probably will not be posting as often as the past year. I also would like to expand the scope of what I include in the blog, though for the time being I intend  the twitter feed to continue chronologically, recounting events as they happen.  The blog posts will be shorter and perhaps more idiosyncratic. I simply do not know.  I just want the blog to be different, better and interesting.  

I welcome you to read pastnow

Happy New Year and Thank you.


  1. Thank YOU for the wonderful posts! Looking forward to the new blog & your daily tweets. :)