March 6 1812 Madison to Thomas Jefferson

On March 6, 1812, James Madison writes to Thomas Jefferson the following letter: 
TO THOMAS JEFFERSON                               Washington, March 6, 1812

Dear Sir, -You will see that Congress or rather the House of Representatives,  have got down the dose of taxes. It is the strongest proof they could give that they do not mean to flinch from the contest to which the mad conduct of Great Britain drives them. Her perseverance in this seems to be sufficiently attested by the language of Lord Liverpool and Mr. Perceval in their parliamentary comments on the Regent's Message. The information from France is pretty justly described in the paragraph inserted in the National Intelligencer after the arrival of the Constitution. The prints herewith inclosed are forwarded to you at the request of Thomas Gimbrede of,( N York) the author). 

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