Jan 20 1812 Eliphalet Adams

Eliphalet Adams had been born in New England. He had fought against the British in the American Revolution. In fact, he was related to the famous presidential Adams of  New England.  In 1798, he had decided to move to the Eastern Townships in Lower Canada, settling in the  Westbury area  northeast of present-day Sherbrooke.
The reference to the ferry in Prince Edward County, Ontario can be found here as follows:
A future ferry owner, Eliphalet Adams born at Cheshire, New Hampshire in 1775 and a relative of American President John Quincy Adams, built up a thriving lumbering and building business out of Picton and began buying land at Van Alstine's Mills. Adams bought parcels of land between 1807 and 1814 from Loyalist pioneer Matthew Steel, William Moore and David Rattan in lots 7 and 8 west of the ferry landing and began to build a tavern and hotel on this property. This building may be the present white house or former Stage and Ferry Hotel at the lip of the hill before going down to the present ferry docks.
On January 20, 1812, Eliphalet Adams petitioned the Court of the Quarter Sessions being held at Adolphustown for a licence to operate a ferry from Marysburgh above Van Alstine's Mills to Dorland's Point.[23] Adams was attempting to fill the void of ferry service from Marysburgh with the abandonment of the enterprise by the Van Alstine family.

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  1. David Rattan (Ruttan) is my 3rd great grandfather. I am enjoying your blog very much. Thanks!