January 10 1812: Anne Prévost

Anne Prévost was born on January 1, 1795. 

She would have turned 17 years of age on January 1, 1812.

Anne was the daughter of George Prévost, who on July 4, 1811 had been made commander of the British forces in North America, and on October 21, 1811 had been appointed governor-in-chief of British North America. He also served as the administrator or president of Lower Canada from September 14, 1811until July15 1812.

More information about Anne can be found here including some excerpts from Anne's journal:

I was seventeen on the 1st January 1812. The Nuns of the Grand Hospital sent me a handsome cake; Mrs Baynes gave a dance in honour of the day. I danced with Captain F., Major B. and Mr. George Mountain.

January 5th: Went to Church, afterwards walked with Miss B. to the Plains. Captain C. set off on an Expedition to the United States to see what the Yankees are about.

January 7th: Walked with Miss B. to Colonel Bruyère's. So many advices have been given against Miss B. and myself walking without the Walls, that I fear we shall be obliged to give up our walks. Some say we ought not to go without gentlemen; others, that we ought not to go at all. "Oh! that I were, where I have been." Dear Halifax! there we were not obliged to circumscribe our walks within the compass of stone walls.

January 10th: At 2 o'clock walked with Miss Bruyère, Miss Grant and Miss Baley about half way to the River Charles, which is now hard frozen. We had no gentlemen, nor did we meet with any adventures. Miss Bruyère for fun, took an unloaded pistol wrapt up in her handkerchief.

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