Jan 23 1812 Rushton letter to Byron

For the background to Robert Rushton's letter of January 23, 1812 see my earlier post here.  
Lord Byron was having an affair with Susan Vaughan, his Welsh maid from Newstead Abbey. Byron's page or servant, Robert Rushton, was also having an affair with Vaughan.   
The letter of Robert Rushton is again taken from BYRON’S CORRESPONDENCE AND JOURNALS edited by Peter Cochran. 
Newstead January 23 1812 
My Honoured Lord

I received your Lordship’s letter last night & I feel myself much hurt by your Lordship’s stating my refusal to carry Susan’s letter. I confess I did not offer to take the letter to the Hut but had she asked me I should not refused that nor any other thing. The reason I did not offer to take it, there was one missing, therefore I did not wish to put myself forward for fear I might be suspected of detaining it. Susan is the last person I should ever suspected could have lodged any complaint against me, what her motive could be for it I know not, was I in the habit of making Complaints I could say a Good deal.  I hope I am not so remiss in my duty has not to acknowledge with the  greatest gratitude every favour I have received from your Lordship’s bountiful hands it will ever be my  study to oblige & serve so worthy a Master and a sincere Friend for God knows I have but few Friends  at Newstead setting aside my own Family – I will do the best in my power to instruct myself during your Lordship’s Absence.
 I remain Your Lordhip’s ever Sincere & Dutiful Servant
           Rt Rushton

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