January 4 1812: Edward E. Davis

On January 4, 1812, Edward E. Davis wrote to President Madison to seek an appointment as a physician in the army or navy. The source of the tweets are from The Papers of James Madison Digital Edition which require a subscription. The specific reference reads as follows:

From Edward E. Davis

4 January 1812, New York. Seeks appointment as a physician in the army or the navy. “I have been one of the Old Revolenterry Men of Last war where I had the Misfortune to loos one of My Leges in the Deffence of My countrys wrights.” Promises “to give Satisfaction in the Disscharge” of his duties and refers to a “Number of Gentleman who have given Certifi[c]ates” on his behalf. Requests the favor of “a few Lines” if there is a vacancy. Mentions in a postscript that the bearer, Mr. Hamilton, can furnish “every Information” about him. Adds: “I was a Prisoner on board of the Old Jersey in New York the Last war with England, And have Suffered almost every thing but Death Sir as I have been one of those Old Revoluntary Men of 76.” 
Cite as: The Papers of James Madison Digital Edition, J. C. A. Stagg, editor. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, Rotunda, 2010.
Canonic URL: [accessed 30 Dec 2011] Original source: Presidential Series, Volume 4 (5 November 1811–9 July 1812 and supplement 5 Marc

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