Jan 22 1812: Prévost to Brock

In 1812, letters arrived from London advising that Sir Isaac Brock, if he wanted, could return to Britain. Brock had been requesting such a transfer for some time. Brock now declines the transfer given the prospect of war. Sir George Prévost, who on July 4, 1811 had been made commander of the British forces in North America, was gratified that Brock was to remain in Canada. He writes:
Sir George Prevost to Major-General Brock
QUEBEC, January 22, 1812.
It is the opinion of the adjutant-general that you will not wish to avail yourself of the conditional leave of absence I have received authority to grant you. I shall hear with particular satisfaction that Baynes is not mistaken, as I value your services highly.
If it be the disposition of government to employ Major-General Sheaffe, the death of Major-General Balfour, at Fredericton, and the absence of Major-General Wilder, affords the opportunity of doing so without depriving me of your assistance at this critical period of affairs.

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