May 28 1812: Duchess, Her son and Annabella

On May 28 1812, Elizabeth, the Duchess of Devonshire, writes to her son Augustus Foster, the British Minister Plenipotentiary to the United States. Again, Miss Annabella Milbanke is discussed. 
Elizabeth, Duchess of Devonshire,

To Augustus Foster.

May 28, 181 2

. . . The Prince Regent was there, and in pretty good spirits, the crowd and heat enormous; — but now your eyes have wandered over this for a name more interesting. Well, Annabella was there; Annabella looked well; Annabella and I got more acquainted than I have done yet. Caroline called her to sit by her. I made room, and we all three sat on a couch. I liked her countenance and manners. Old twaddle Ralph [Sir Ralph Milbanke, Bart.] and I are all cordiality, and Lady Milbanke called her daughter to speak to me, who said, "I had the honor of talking to the Duchess " — which we had in the further room. She did not ask me about you, which I was glad of; indifference would have made her inquire out of civility; the father did.

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