October 10 1812: Knight of the Order of Bath

On October 10, 1812, the Earl of Bathurst writes to Sir George Prevost to announce that  Major-General Brock has been appointed an extra Knight of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath. The Earl of Bathurst writes:
I have had the honor of receiving your dispatch, dated the 26th of August, together with its enclosures, from Major-General Brock, and I lost no time in laying intelligence so important and satisfactory before his royal highness the prince regent.
I am commanded by his royal highness to desire you to take the earliest opportunity of conveying his royal highness' approbation of the able, judicious, and decisive conduct of Major-General Brock; of the zeal and spirit manifested by Colonel Proctor and the other officers; as well as of the intrepidity of the troops under the command of Major-General Brock.
By the united exertions of this little army, the enterprise of the American army has been defeated; the territories of his majesty in Upper Canada have been secured; and on the enemy's fort of Detroit, important to that security, the British standard has been happily placed.
You will inform Major-General Brock that his royal highness, taking into consideration all the difficulties by which Major-General Brock was surrounded from the time of the invasion of the province by the American army, under the command of General Hull, and the singular judgment, firmness, skill, and courage, with which he was enabled to surmount them so effectually—has been pleased to appoint him an extra knight of the most honorable order of the bath.

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