October 21 1812: Prevost's Dispatch

On October 21, 1812, General Sir George Prevost, having received General Sheaffe's report, writes a dispatch to Britain announcing the victory over another American army in Canada at the Battle of Queenston. The dispatch reads, in part, as follows:
I have the satisfaction of reporting to your Lordship, that his Majesty's forces, aided by the Militia and Indians stationed on the Niagara frontier, have completely repelled a second attempt of the enemy to invade Upper Canada; and that a victory has been gained, which has left in our possession nine hundred of the American army, and their Commander, Brigadier Gen. Wordsworth, who surrendered himself, on the field of battle, to Major General Sheaffe His Majesty, and the country, have to deplore the loss of an able, and most gallant officer, in Major General Brock, who fell early in the battle, at the head of the flank companies of the 49th regiment, while nobly encouraging them to sustain their position, in opposition to an infinitely superior force, until the reinforcements he had ordered to advance to their support should arrive.

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