October 5 1812: More Diplomatic Gossip

On October 5  John Quincy Adams writes the following diary entry: 
5th. Mr. Harris called on me this morning, and asked Mr. Smith and me to dine with him this day, which we did; Prince Koslofsky, Mr. Poletica, and Mr. Krehmer were the company.
Mr. Rapatel was to have been there, but was sent for to dine with the Emperor. He came in after dinner ; as did a son of Baron Rail, and Mr. Slade. Mr. Rapatel was in his uniform, and is to go to-morrow to join one of the armies. The Abbe Fremont, who lives with Mr. Harris, was at table, and obliged to hear all the bitterness of Prince Koslofsky and Mr. Poletica against the French : it was as inveterate as might be expected from the rancorous war they are waging. The Prince is appointed Minister to the Court of Sardinia, where he was formerly Charge d'Aflaires. Notwithstanding his abhorrence of the French, he manifestly takes pleasure in being reminded that he is a member of the Legion of Honor. He professes to think himself disgraced by it; but the complacency with which he returns to the idea shows that it is a disgrace which he would be sorry to lose. He says that Prince Kurakin is still detained at Paris; that before Count Lauriston went away he had officially declared that Prince Kurakin had not only received his passports, but that every attention had been shown him to facilitate his journey, and yet that now there were letters received from Prince Kurakin, and dated 30th August, complaining that he had not received and could not obtain his passport.

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