December 10 1812: Napoleon at Warsaw

On December 10 1812, Napoleon arrives in Warsaw. He travels under the name of M. Rayneval. Caulaincourt describes his arrival: 
In spite of all these vexations the Emperor continued very cheerful. He seemed delighted to find himself at Warsaw, and was very curious to see whether he would be recognized. I think he would not have been sorry to have met someone who guessed his identity, for he traversed the city on foot and we did not take our seats on our humble sledge until we had crossed the main square. It was so cold that no one who could keep warm within doors set foot abroad, and the Emperor's green velvet cloak with gold braid only attracted the attention of a few humble passers-by, more eager to regain their own firesides than curious about the names and quality of the travelers  whose costume, however, engaged their attention. They turned to glance, but did not stop. Anyhow, it would have been difficult to recognize the Emperor, for the fur cap he wore covered half his face.
At eleven o'clock we alighted at the Hotel de Saxe [probably Hotel d'Angleterre], where Amodru had arrived only a few moments previously. I at once sent to the director-general of posts to order the Duke of Vicenza's horses for Glogau, for it was always I who was the distinguished traveller, and the Emperor simply my secretary, under the name of M. Rayneval.


Armand de Caulaincourt, At Napoleon's Side in Russia (Enigma Books, 2008), page 324

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