September 12 1812: Ladies Gossip about Lady Caroline Lamb

On September 12, 1812, Lady H. Leveson Gower writes to Lady G. Morpeth about the arrival in Ireland of Lady Caroline Lamb and her parents, the Bessboroughs:
The Bessboroughs have been unpacked about a couple of hours. My aunt looks stout and well, but poor Caroline most terribly the contrary. She is worn to the bone, as pale as death and her eyes starting out of her head. She seems indeed in a sad way, alternately in tearing spirits and in tears. I hate her character, her feelings, and herself when I am away from her, but she interests me when I am with her, and to see her poor careworn face is dismal, in spite of reason and speculation upon her extraordinary conduct. She appears to me in a state very (little) short of insanity, and my aunt describes it as at times having been decidedly so. 

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