November 22 1812: It all Depends

On November 22, 1812,  Brigadier-General Adamson Tannehill replies to General Smyth's question as to how many companies would refuse to cross into Canada. Tanehill's answer was not comforting.  The day before, General Smyth pointedly had asked: "Sir,—Will you be pleased to ascertain whether there are any companies of your brigade who will refuse to serve the United States in Canada." Brigadier-General Adamson Tannehill response was:
Sir,—To enable me to answer your note of yesterday I convened my field officers in camp. The prevailing opinion appears to be that if an efficient force can be had to cross into Canada a very general embarkation of my brigade may be expected. If, on the contrary, it is difficult for me to say what number may be calculated on.

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