November 7 1812: Robert Southey

On November 7 1812,  Robert Southey writes a letter to his friend Charles Danvers:  
Robert Southey to Charles Danvers, 7 November 1812 Keswick. Nov. 7. 1812.

My dear Danvers - If I had had a son born on the fifth of November, a possibility which I looked on to, his name should have been Danvers, – but I could not have resisted the temptation of prefixing Guy.  And to my great delight Tom looking to a like possibility, hath vowed & sworn that if on that day he should have a boy born unto him, Guy shall be his name. I have a girl instead, – & I have found out a good reason for a name for her. Isabel she shall be called, which is good Spanish, good Portugueze, & good Cumberland, – now Isabel abbreviates into Bell, & Dr Bell is destined to be her God father. Lo & behold the admirable fitness of things! Mr Shandy  himself would have been delighted herewith.
I may yet have a nephew Guy, tho disappointed of a son; – but I fear not as this nights post has not brought me any such tidings. All is going on as well as could be wished God bless youRS.
Tell George this piece of family news. We were all heartily glad to hear that he got so well out of a disagreable business. Two copies of Omniana will be sent you, one of which is for Rex. 

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