November 30 1812: Byron's 37 Letters

On November 30, 1812, Lord Byron writes to Lady Melbourne, having just received 37 letters with some of the letters again being from Lady Caroline Lamb! 
Lord Byron to Lady Melbourne Batts’ Hotel. Novr. 30th. 1812 
Dear Ly. M. - I am just arrived & have received exactly 36 letters notes &c. (as I write a 37th!) of all descriptions so that I have full employment for ye. present. – I find amongst them some from C. of  yesterday’s date (Welwyn) 
I believe most incoherent &c. & to which in the name of all the Saints & martyrs what answer can I give but what has been given already? – – Her letters I have already said of my own accord I will give up to her or destroy in your or her {or any} <an>other’s presence, so that the interference of any other person will only mar my good intention – I thank you for the hint – an answer to Men always depends upon the temperance & tenor of the question. – 
I am extremely glad that I did not receive yrs. of the 27th. till just now & that I had before from  Cheltenham stated my intention already as to Letters “sans phrase” from any person – because I much doubt whether I could have given the like answer to a peremptory embassy. – As to Lady B. how many months did she spend in trying to make me believe the whole a joke & c. on C’s part? – & now she is angry that I at last believed so. – – I have some trinkets which she wishes restored or rather had for God knows where they are by this time – I wish she would not think of returning mine, as in that case I must search the Country for hers which will take some time & trouble. 
– – I shall endeavour to wait on you tomorrow – believe me dr. Ly. M. ever yrs. LB  
P.S. – The Letter of today is the most wild I ever read – I really have not patience for all this. – I cannot please every body – She & I must not meet – not that I dread a past weakness – but it must not be – as to others – I have really had so much plague on the subject – & been at so much pains to free you all from these inquietudes that I very much fear my politeness will not carry me much further. Ly. H. has been taunting her it seems – her answer to Ly. O. is stuff – we nor she nor I sent any whatever answer – & I have implored Ly. O. to be silent. – If you knew but ten of the twenty scrapes I am in at this moment you would (& will I hope) pardon my pettishness. – I do not which are the worst Lawyers, friends, or the fair sect. – I know Ly. O has not answered her & will not I trust – but who can trust anything or anybody? 

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