November 26 1812: Lord Byron

On November 26 1812, Lord Byron writes to Lady Melbourne, from Middleton, Oxfordshire: 
Middleton Novr. 26th. 1812 

My dear Ly. Melbourne, - I perceive by ye. arrivals & departures in ye. papers that you will not object to my being in town (as I must be on Sunday) on business. I shall take my seat on tuesday, & not go to the romantic melodrama of Monday, notwithstanding the attraction of a royal Roscius.
– – I have been here these 2 days past in the palace of propriety with a picture of Lucretia in the act of – suicide over my chimney, & a tome of Pamela lying on ye. table, {ye. first} as a hint I presume not to covet ye. mistress of a house, & the last as a defensive treatise in behalf of the Maid. – – 
 The decorations of my last apartment were certainly very different – for a print of Rinaldo & Armida was one of the most prominent ornaments. – – On Saturday I left Herefordshire with more regret than need be inflicted in detail upon my correspondents – so no more upon that topic. I begin to think yourrhetoric has had its proper effect on C.– I have written twice to the Lady B. to decline an interview. – I found at Cheltenham your letters, & C’s & spared you on this eternal subject by a cessation of ink for three days, I trust this is nearly the last to be shed on the same theme. – She charges me with my own letters – I have heard that a man in liquor was sometimes responsible for what he may have said, & perhaps the same rule extends to love – if so – pray make the amplest apology for me – The moment I came to myself I was sorry for it. – One thing the Lady forgets  – for a very long time (in the Calendar of Asmodeus) my answers were the subject of endless reproach on account of their coldness – at last I did write to her without restraint but rarely without regret. – I do not mean to deny my attachment – it was – and is not. – It was no great compliment, for I  could love anything on earth that appeared to wish it; at the same time I do sometimes like to chuse for  myself. – I shall be in town (the post is waiting) at Batts’ Hotel on Sunday – I wrote this to tell you as much as under the present circumstances we cannot meet (except perhaps at Ly. H’s) for some time, & I heartily acquiesce in your opinion upon the subject. – Believe me ever yrs dr. Ly. M. 

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