Feb 10, 1812: How much was $50,000?

How much would $50,000 in 1812 dollars purchase today? The short answer is quite a lot. 
I am not an expert in this area (or in any area really), but using some of the online inflation calculators, the value of $50,000 in 1812 dollars would be between $633,000 and $833,333.33.
The value can only be approximate given the lack of available records, multiplicity of currencies over the period of time and the fact that bartering was quite common in the past. The units of exchange could include livestock, furs or grains. The amounts are thus approximate and there is no way to truly compare values or costs over the centuries. However, the calculations carried out at the website Davidemanuel calculated $50,000 in 1812 dollars to be would be worth about $833,333.33 in 2011 dollars. The site Westegg calculated that $50,000 in 1812 would be $632946.31 in 2010.
See also Mykindred. 

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