Feb 26, 1812: Aaron Burr

For February 26, 1812, Aaron Burr in London wrote the following entry in his private journal:   

26.        It is already past 1, my fire is out, and the weather cool. I have been the whole evening reading the "Nairs." Shall finish it in about three hours to-morrow; and then, perhaps, may give you some account of it. Slept later than usual this morning. It is with some effort that I rise early. If my fire was made at 6, I should be always up before 7; but, after having slept my allowance, five or six hours, if I lay longer there comes on a drowsiness and disposition to slumber which is immovable, and then the following night I lay sleepless an hour or two, and so gradually encroach on the morning, till I am obliged to get back by going a whole night and day without sleep; then I am sure to sleep as soon as I lay down, though the sensation of being sleepy is what I am a stranger to, except in a stage-coach. At 12 this morning to see Hawkins, inventor of the cement, with which tried in vain to mend a broken dent. He was out. Then to J. Bentham's. No better; did not see him. Then by Westminster and Blackfriars' bridges to friend Allen's, Plough Court, Lombard street. The last experiment on the acid had not succeeded. Allen was at dinner. Left some directions with James, and then to Graves's. He had procured me a list of vessels about to sail to your region; among them one to Providence, Rhode Island, and another to Portland, Maine. Wrote a note to D. M. R. to inquire all the particulars of these two. He came in, promised to get the information, and to call on me with it this evening, but he has not called. I will go in either of these vessels if things suit and a passage on credit. To Godwin's, to communicate something which I had undertaken to discover for him. Asked me to dine, which refused, but took a bowl of soup. Home at 1/p. 4. Expected J. H., but came not. Roasted by my fire some potatoes, on which dined. Have drank nothing but toast and water since my swelled jaws. Nothing new about finance. Paid this morning my weekly bill, and 2 shillings to Eliz., and have now left 3 shillings and 3 halfpence. Pray look at your map to see what distance I walk every day.

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