Feb 19, 1812: Aaron Burr

For On February 19, 1812, Aaron Burr in London wrote the following entry in his private journal: 

19. Slept near seven hours last night, and did not rise till 8. My umbrella hung heavy at my heart. Went to hunt for it. Walked back on the track I came from J. H.'s yesterday, and called at the places I had been ; but no umbrella. It is finally lost, and I must submit to the  inconvenience of getting wet and of spoiling my clothes. Called at Godwin's on my way to the city. To friend Allen's. He was out, but I saw the foreman of the laboratory; he had made the experiment I suggested to take the bad smell out of the acid. It did effectually take out the smell, but at the same time it took out the acid, and the residuum was neither more or less than simple water. So that won't do. To Graves's, where finished a letter I began yesterday to S. Swartwout. D. M. R. came in and took charge of the letter, and we walked together. He dined yesterday with his country gentlemen, and thinks they were delighted with his wheel-carriages. D. M. went to the Exchange (where merchants assemble at 4 every day) to get the news, and I went by Lincoln's Inn 1 to see K., but he was out. Home at 4. D. M. came in at 5, as agreed, and I had for him a Virginia dinner, bacon and greens, with which he was delighted. He sat till 8 ; and now I am deliberating how to dispose of the residue of the evening. Bought for J.H. to-day paper, pen, wax, wafers, &c., 4 shillings and 6 pence. Have paid my weekly bill this evening, 14 shillings, 6 3/4 pence, which includes lodging, milk, fuel, boot and shoe cleaning ; but no washing this week.

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