Feb 20 1812: Aaron Burr

On February 20, 1812, Aaron Burr in London wrote the following entry in his private journal:
20. It has hardly struck 1, and I must be early up, as you know; and yet, you couple of unreasonable rascals, I may not go to bed till I have told you what I have been about.  It might be answered in one word, " Nothing," as for days and years past, though I have walked today near twenty miles. To J. Smith's at 10, to inquire about the sailing of the Vigilant. He had the impudence to tell me that he knew nothing about it, nor even knew whether the Captain was in London or in Yarmouth, though he (J. S.) had chartered the ship; though the Captain receives orders from him only; was at his house all the morning of the day of his separation, and went from his house to the coach-office. It is plain that I shall miss the ship and lose my money. Then to Graves's, and we walked together to see the inventor of the new mode of travelling by which one is to go a mile a minute. He talked freely, and gave us each one of his pamphlets. Then home, following again the track of my poor lost umbrella, but to no purpose. Home, and got my potatoes as fast as I could, and then to call on Miss C., who wrote me that she would leave town tomorrow. Was denied, but it happened that I knew she was at home. To walk a league and more to be denied is not pretty. Besides, I was tired, and would gladly have reposed 1/2 hour. Then to J. Bentham's; being past 6, had to go all round by Westminster Abbey. There saw K., who showed me the retorts which they offer to lend me. They will answer. Did not see J. B., nor was asked to tea. Forgot to say that I called this morning on friend Allen. My suggestion for getting rid of the smell has completely succeeded, with one little inconvenience, however; at the same time that it takes away the smell, it completely takes away the acid, and comes forth fair water; so that won't do. Have had my coffee, and now good-morning. Called also to day on Bonnell, the enameller.

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