Feb 11 1812: Tompkins to Gallatin

On February 11, 1812, Governor Tompkins of New York wrote to the Secretary of the Treasurer Gallatin about a recurring problem of fugitives from justice escaping into Canada. The Governor writes, in part, as follows:
I have the honor to send you the copy of a letter from  Mr. Sailly relative to an occurrence with which he has doubtless  made you acquainted. 
The act of Congress concerning Fugitives from justice does not extend to the demand of a person from the jurisdiction of an other Government. If the Administration of the Government of Canada were inclined to surrender up Fugitives from the justice of this State, it would not be in our power to return the Courtesy without legal provision by the Government of the United States. The numerous crimes which have been committed near our Northern & Western Frontiers by persons who immediately seek refuge in Canada, renders some provision to that effect highly important and necessary and I, therefore, beg leave to ask your attention to it.

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