Feb 27 1812: Aaron Burr

For February 27, 1812, Aaron Burr in London wrote the following entry in his private journal:  
27.    Vigil 1 till 4. Rose at 7. To Hawkins's at 11; out. To J. Bentham's. Nothing but a card from Lovett. To Dessaules's to get the repeater; not done. Over again to Hawkins's for the other repeater; got it, but he cannot mend it. To Graves's. Waited an hour for him to come in. He came and informed me of a fine ship to sail on Monday for New Orleans, and a moral certainty that I can have a passage in her. Hastened home to make my preparations, and sat down to finish the "Nairs," which took till past 6 ; but, in the meantime, dined on my potatoes; added meat and a pint of ale. Then off "to Humbert's, J. H.'s beau frere [brother-in-law] to get the ring-watch, which will be sold immediately; not done. Then to Graves's again, to instruct him to write to Liverpool about the ship. Home at 9. Headache, and sick at stomach with that cursed ale. After vomiting freely, was better. In the midst of this operation, overset my tea-kettle and put out my fire, every spark. The family being all abed, was obliged to make it anew. Did you ever make a coal fire ? No. Past 2, and must  be early up. Have been writing a long letter to E. Livingston lest I should not get a passage.  

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