February 28, 1812: Aaron Burr

For February 28, 1812, Aaron Burr made the following entry in his Private Journal:
28.     The headache returned, and had a restless night. Lay till 10. It was too late for the errands I had intended. Tea for breakfast. Wrote anew my letter to E. Livingston, and enclosed it in a note to Graves, which our pretty Maria took for me. Was engaged to dine to-day at Godwin's, and to walk with the four dames. After dinner to the Hopwood's. All which was done. The little Patty Hopwood, about 12 or 13, plays on the piano in a style that would do credit to a master of any age; of Hannah's talent for dessein [drawing]you have already heard; two other daughters are engravers and painters. The eldest son an engraver of the first rate; a little boy musician. Fortunately, the eldest daughter is a good, steady manager. The father was in his youth a footman; he acquired, without a master, drawing, engraving and music; has contrived to give good educations to all his children (ten, I think); the family seem good-tempered, united, cheerful, and happy. Hannah is handsome, Patty beautiful. Home at 10. You see, my dear Theodosia, that nothing has been done or attempted to-day to further my departure. My 3 shillings and penny halfpenny are reduced to 18 pence; but I cannot suffer before Wednesday (pay-day), for my little Eliz., who is about 13, sees what I want, buys it without consulting me, and renders the account at the end of the week. But this won't get me off. Will do better to-morrow. No more ale.

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