Feb 16 1812: Aaron Burr

On February 16, 1812, Aaron Burr in London wrote the following entry in his private journal: 
16.  No reformation. I did actually go to bed
a little after 1, and, to promote sleep, took a teaspoon-
ful of elix[ir]. paregor ; but all in vain. Lay in vigils
till near 6, and daylight beginning to appear, was
thinking of getting up and making a fire, when I got
asleep and slept till 1/2 p[ast] 10. It was again too late
to hope of finding my Captain at home, so gave it up
till to-morrow. Sor. at 12 to J. H.'s ; out. Went to
her brother's, where met her and agreed on rendezvous 
at her rooms at 2. Then to A.'s ; out. Across
the park to J. B.'s, hoping to find there a letter from
Lord Balgray; but there was none. Met Koe, and
asked about A; he said she had been there yesterday.
The truth is, she was then there. I saw her walking
in the garden, and she and K. had a talk just under
the window where I was at work getting something
out of my trunks; but she, and her female friend who
was with her, went to examine a small house of J. B.'s
which is in the garden. The house is now out of
repair, but was formerly occupied by his mother. He
has offered to fit it up if A. will live in it. Not a
word was said to me by any one of her then being
there; and neither J. B. nor any one of his family
have hinted to me this arrangement about the house
au jardiri. But A. is pretty frank with me as yet. To
J. H.'s at 2. We walked a great deal. Dined at a
neat little cake and jelly house in Holborn. Walked
again and took coffee at the same house; and we were
both tres content. The whole expense was 7 shillings
and 3 pence. Now, I do hope and expect that I shall
sleep to-night and rise betimes in the morning. Have
nothing to add to your letter, unless something should
arise out of my conversation with the Captain. Am
now going to try to write that letter for D. M. R.
Tried last night but could not please myself. No
frost the last ten days.

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