Feb 24 1812: Aaron Burr

For February 24, 1812, Aaron Burr in London wrote the following entry in his private journal:    
24.     Slept uninterruptedly till near 8.  At 11 to friend Allen's, to tell him of the disappointment about the retorts. He very kindly said he had some of his own that would answer. We agreed on the further experiment; but I begin to think we shall not succeed in any way that will be useful, i.e. without an operation of too much expense. To Graves's; out. To J. B.'s to get some things; you know that my trunks are there. Some one called there to see me yesterday, but did not leave his address, nor did they inquire. While I was at J.B.'s in came A., whom I thought out of town. We met with the familiarity of old acquaintance. Did not see J.B. To_______, the goldsmith, Princess street, Leicester Square, which is set down for myself, and not for you, Madame; he has very politely undertaken to repair another repeater for me. Then to Contesse's workshop, and stayed an hour, assisting and directing a small job. Paid him 3 shillings 6 pence. Home at 1/2 p. 4, and greatly surprised to find that J. Hug. had called. Got my dinner, rice boiled, and went off to J.H.'s, to see what was the matter, being greatly apprehensive that there was trouble. I was right. There lives in the same house a fellow of the name of Voche or Vache, a Swiss engraver, who has taken upon him to talk about my visits. Staid but a minute, and appointed J. to call on me at 4 tomorrow. I am much concerned at this circumstance.The idea of causing the least inconvenience to so good a soul would distress me. Called at Godwin's to the newspapers which I borrowed, and to get that of to-day. Les goddesses [Godwin girls] kept me by acclamation to tea with La Peintresse  Hopwood. I agreed to go with the girls to call on her on Friday. Home at 1/2 p. 9- Read the newspapers, and a pamphlet tolerably well written, explanatory of the cause of the French successes. Be assured that, though I have said nothing about finance, my head has not been idle. I have a project too ridiculous to be mentioned, and of little promise; but will tell you tomorrow. I shall have just enough to pay my weekly bill the day after tomorrow, and then be again on the sans sous  establishment.

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