Feb 4, 1812 Byron to Rogers

The February 4 1812 letter of Lord Byron to Rogers dealt with issues of the Luddite riots that were soon to be the subject of legislation from the government. The letter can be found in  Lord Byron and His Times and reads as follows:  


“February 4th, 1812.

“With my best acknowledgments to Lord Holland, I have to offer my perfect concurrence in the propriety of the question previously to be put to ministers. If their answer is in the negative, I shall, with his lordship’s approbation, give notice of a motion for a Committee of Inquiry. I would also gladly avail myself of his most able advice, and any information or documents with which he might be pleased to intrust me, to bear me out in the statement of facts it may be necessary to submit to the House. 

     “From all that fell under my own observation during my Christmas visit to Newstead, I feel convinced that, if conciliatory measures are not very soon adopted, the most unhappy consequences may be apprehended. Nightly outrage and daily depredation are already at their height, and not only the masters of frames, who are obnoxious on account of their occupation, but persons in no degree connected with the malcontents or their oppressors, are liable to insult and pillage.

“I am very much obliged to you for the trouble you have taken on my account, and beg you to believe me ever your obliged and sincere, &c.

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