Feb 9 1812: Leigh Hunt

On February 9, 1812, Leigh Hunt, writing in the Theatrical Examiner and reviewing a play, makes a hostile reference to Coleridge: 
In a word, such cant of every description, that they have no more pretence, or rather just about as much pretence, to stand in the same rank with true and triumphant genius, as the ravings of a diseased idleness have to be accounted oracles of wisdom, or the Lectures of Mr. COLERIDGE to render him worthy of the Poets he pretends to analyze.
Leigh Hunt also had a low opinion of William Blake though he was a friend of Shelley and Byron.  
Source: Michael Eberle Sinatra, Leigh Hunt and the London literary Scene: A Reception History of His Major Works, 1805-1812 (Routledge, London, 2005), page 205

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