August 22 1812: Rhea to Meigs

On August 22, 1812, Captain J. Rhea writes to the Governor Return Jonathan Meigs, fourth Governor of Ohio. Rhea is concerned about the appearance of Ottoways and Pottawatomie tribes. We need more politicians named Return. 
Fort Wayne August 22nd. 1812
His Excy. Govr. Meigs

About two hundred and sixty Indians, of the Ottoways and Puttowatomie tribes have Just arrived here from the westward; what their intentions are is uncertain, but we have some reason to suppose from their appearance and conduct, that little good is intended. They say they are going to the council, but we fear, as they have refused to send a ny of their party on forward with Mr. Peltier, who is just ready to start for Piqua, to give notice of their approach, that they have other objects in view. Some of the party who appear to be friendly, say that we shall receive trouble this evening.

I have the honor to be yours with Esteem

J. Rhea Capt

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