August 26 1812: Miles MacDonnell

On August 26, 1812, Miles Macdonnell, the governor of Assiniboia, now Manitoba, is still in Fort Alexandria.The excerpt for August 26 1812, reads as follows:
Wednesday, August 26 - It was 8 o'clock before our departure this morning from Ft. Alexandria. I was curious to see their crop of wheat, barley and oats which was very fine, that of Pease failed. Mr. Thompson obligingly gave me a pile of the Inverness Journal & Henry's Publication of his confidential Mission. I found much civility from all these N.W.Co. gentlemen. Some potatoes and other vegetables from their thriving garden was put into my boat some of my men were missing at the time of coming away. It would be making them a bad practice to stop - they ran along the side of the bank and embarked by the Canoe.

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