August 27 1812: Macdonnell Approaches his Destination

On August 27, 1812, Miles Macdonnell, the governor of Assiniboia, now Manitoba, is still travelling on a boat called the Otter. The excerpt for August 27 1812, reads as follows:
Thursday, August 27 - Wind blowing strong from S.W. all day. My hunter brought me 2 Geese, 3 Ducks and a bittern. In the evening the wind abated a little, the sky looked serene and settled. I ordered the people to embark wishing to get to Hunter's point about 10 mi. distant. We set off at 7, pulling against a head wind. The wind increased and consequently the swell, driving direct upon the shore. The Swan and Batteau lagged astern out of sight. The Otter shipped some water till I took the helm. It was 2 in the morning before we reached Hunter's point, the other two boats remained behind. I felt anxious for their safety and reflect on myself for running any risk with the cargoes, particularly so near the completion of the voyage. My people had a severe pull. I found here encamped Mr. Hillier with two boats destined for Winipic River.

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