March 18 1812: Address of John Macdonell

On March 18 12, Colonel John Macdonell gave an address to the electors of the County of Glengarry. Colonel MacDonell had been born in Greenfield, Glengariy, Scotland on April 19 1785. He was seven years old when his family emigrated from Scotland to  Upper Canada in 1792. He began articling as a student-at-law on April 6, 1803 and was called to the Bar of Upper Canada in Easter term on 1808 after the customary five year term. He had a meteoric career as a lawyer that saw him elected to the legislature of Upper Canada and  appointment as Attorney General. When war came, he became an aide-de-camp to Major General Sir Isaac Brock. He died as a result of wounds sustained at the Battle of Queenston Heights on October 14 1812 at the age of 27.   

The following is his address to the electors of Glengarry when returned for that County shortly before his death. It was dated York, March 18, 1812:—

To the free and independent electors of the County of Glengarry :—

Gentlemen,—As the me is not far distant when you will be called upon to exercise one of the most valuable and sacred privileges secured to you by our happy Constitution—the choice of a person to represent you in the House of Assembly of the Province— I beg to offer myself as a candidate for that truly honourable situation.

Connected with many of you by the ties of blood, and possessing one common interest with you all, I trust that it is unnecessary for me to assure you that in aspiring to so distinguished a situation I am not actuated by any personal considerations district from your prosperity and that of the Province in general.

If you should feel yourselves justified in honouring me with so flattering a mark of your confidence, it shall be my most anxious endeavour by my conduct to convince you that it has not been misplaced, and of the sincerity with which I subscribe myself, " Gentlemen,

Your Friend and Faithful Servant,
John Macdonell.

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