March 5 1812: Aaron Burr

For March 5, 1812, Aaron Burr in London wrote the following entry in his private journal:  
[March, 1812] 5.      A day of fruitless labor. Vigil till 4. To Joyce's and instead of getting the silver repeater, like a booby left the picture-watch, and so deprived of both. To Graves's; told me the ship for New Orleans was detained for some days, and would then go by Havana. Very interesting to Gamp! To J. Hug.'s. She had not the ring-watch, and don't know where it is! Sent her out to hunt. To Madame Thorpe's to inquire about Mr. Browne; but she was out. Back to J. Hug.'s. Not come in. To Gonin's. He will repair the other to-morrow. Not a hope of getting a shilling, and had the folly this morning to ask for my account, which they would not otherwise thought of presenting. Round by Godwin's, where dined. Then to Graves's again, with Gampillo's coins and medals, to sell for him for old silver; out. Ventured to come home. My account was presented, 24 shillings and 1 penny. Took no notice of it. D.M.R. came in and took tea with me, and gave me the name of a medal and coin monger, where shall go to-morrow. Mr. Godwin, with Mary and Jane, came in and sat an hour. Mr. G. will undertake to sell Bayle and Moreri, and Madame Godwin the ring-watch. But the books are at the custom-house, and the other, should be glad to know. Have been all the evening sorting and marking the coins and medals for sale. Poor little Gampy, how sorry I am. Now 2 o'clock, fire out, tired, cold, and must yet work 1/2 hour at the coins and medals.

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