March 8, 1812: Aaron Burr

For March 8, 1812, Aaron Burr in London wrote the following entry in his private journal:
[March 1812] 8.     Fanny, whom of all the family I trust to  make me tea, gave it rather too strong last night, and I was vigil till past 4.  At 12 to Elms's, the dentist, to learn who was this Fisher who had twice called on me. Find he is a young man in the employ and under the patronage of Elms. Went, and had a confabulation of an hour with him. He seems disposed  to treat and to give something, but fear it will be too little. Will call to-morrow, when I am to state terms and give further elucidations. To Dessaules's; to my great regret, he was out. This comes of sleeping late, for I had agreed to be there at 11. On to J. B.'s, where met D.M.R. waiting for me. He had a note from Brunei, requesting him and me to come out to his house on Wednesday morning about the shoe affair, to which I agreed. R. Morris then came to confer about the affairs of E.A.C. We talked an hour, and I agreed to meet him at E.A.C.'s this evening at 8 o'clock. Home. Rice and milk for dinner. Read newspapers, and smoked till 7. Called at Godwin's to leave the gazette, and to give William a gooden groschen which I had promised. On over to Blackfriars' Bridge and past the Obelisk to Prospect Place. Madame C., la mere de E A.; and elder sister of E.A., pretty and gentille L ; two daughters of M., one of them grown ; un petit gar$ on de E.A? of 2 years old. Took tea and staid till 9 ; then home. Found at J. B.'s another card from Lovett, and aticket of admission to the gallery of the Parliament House from a member, by his procurement. Have not finished my letter to Captain J. Think of setting about it now; 1/2 p. 10.

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