March 9 1812: Brock to Baynes

On March 9, 1812, Major-General Brock writes to to Colonel Baynes as follows:
YORK, March 9, 1812.

I received yesterday your letter dated the 20th February, and have to express my thanks to Sir George Prevost for his readiness in attending to my wishes.

His excellency having been pleased to authorize the raising of two companies under my superintendence, giving me the nomination of the officers, I have to acquaint you, for his information, that Alexander Roxburgh, Esq., has been appointed by me to raise men for a company, and William M'Lean, gentleman, for an ensigncy. The former is a gentleman strongly recommended to me by Mr. Cartwright, of Kingston; and the latter, the son of an officer formerly in the 25th regiment, who, having settled in this country, has become one of the most influential characters in it. He is a member of the house  of assembly for the district of Frontenac. I have not yet determined in respect to the remaining commissions, but will report the instant the individuals are nominated.

Captain Dixon (royal engineers) proceeded four days ago to Amherstburg, with the gentlemen who were returning from their  parliamentary duties.  I request you will have the goodness to inform me of the probable time I may expect the honor of seeing Sir George  Prevost, as I shall consider it a duty, which I shall execute with the utmost pleasure, of meeting his excellency at Kingston.

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