July 21 1812: Hull to Secretary of War

On July 21 1812, Brigadier-General Hull writes the Secretary of War Eustis from Sandwich, Upper Canada. He updates the Secretary on a general council of natives at Brownstown:  

Headquarters of the Northwestern Army, Sandwich. 

July 21, 1812. 
Sir:— When I marched from Urhana, I proposed a general council of the Indians at Brownstown to be held the beginning of this month. I have held frequent councils with the chiefs and my proposition to them was neutrality. 

I have just received the result of the council of nine nations counting the Six Nations as one. The nations are the Ottawas, hippewas, Pottawatomies, Delawares, Wyandots, Munsies, some Kickapoos, Six (Sioux?) and the Six Nations. Tarhe or the Crane, Miere or Walk-in-the-water, Blackhoof, Col. Lewis and Wolf have made great exertions to detach the Indians from the British standard. At the close of the coimcil they sent speeches to all the nations informing them of the result. I have now informed them they must proceed immediately to the grand council at Piqua. Tecumseh and Marpot are the only chiefs of consequence remaining with the British. 

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