April 14 1812: Sir James Saumarez writes to Brock

On April 14, 1812, Sir James Saumarez, wrote to Major General Isaac Brock. James Saumarez was an admiral of the British Royal Navy. His brother, Sir Thomas Saumarez, had married a cousin of Brock in 1787. The letter is reproduced below.
Sir James Saumarez, Major-General Brock.

SPITHEAD, April 14, 1812.
Lieutenant Le Couteur being ordered to join his regiment  in Canada, permit me to recommend him to your kind notice: he is a promising young officer, and being connected with our  family, makes me interested for his welfare. I congratulate you upon your present distinguished appointment. A few weeks  previous to my leaving town, I was informed by Lord Liverpool  that Governor Gore had leave of absence, but that if he did not return to his command, he would be happy in taking your services into consideration. From what his lordship was pleased to add, I have no doubt of your succeeding to the government, in the event of Governor Gore obtaining any other situation.

I am on the point of returning to the Baltic, where there appears a strong disposition on the part of Russia and some of the other powers to resist the aggressions of Bonaparte,--I trust with well-founded hopes of ultimate success.

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