April 24, 1812: Pierre-Jean de Sales Laterrière

On April 24, 1812, Pierre-Jean de Sales Laterrière was appointed surgeon to the Voltigeurs Canadiens, commanded by Charles-Michel d’Irumberry de Salaberry. Laterrièree had studied medicine at St Thomas’s Hospital in London. He had become a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1809. He practiced medicine in Lower Canada.  The above information is taken from the entry on  Laterrière in the Dictionary of  Canadian Biography Online by Pierre Duffor, who continues the story
Laterrière, who was quite well off, rented a house near Fort Chambly, where his regiment was quartered; he even bought a horse for Captain Jacques Viger, who was unable to meet such an expense. Laterrière remained with his regiment until 6 Oct. 1814. At that time he received a letter from his father requesting that he go to France and settle some family business there. Laterrière immediately applied for a six-month leave of absence and, assuming it would be granted, returned to Quebec with the intention of sailing for Europe. His request was turned down; Laterrière then tried to appeal to the governor, but in vain. Consequently he resigned from his posting with the Voltigeurs Canadiens early in November and left for France, where he was supposed to collect a large inheritance bequeathed to his father.
Laterrière's father died while he was in Europe. The combined inheritances made Laterrière a wealthy man. He returned to Lower Canada but eventually settled in London dying there in 1834.

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