April 19 1812: Martha Ballard

On April 19, 1812, a Sunday, Martha Ballard writes a particularly long entry in her diary

[Birth Wilm Saunders 3d Dagt & 4 th Child].
Cloudy morn, raind aftern. I have felt very feeble. mrs Stone Came in to See me, Shee brot wood to the doore. Shee informd me that William Brookss wife fell from the Scaffold of her Fathers Barn yesterday and hurt her So her life is not Expected. Nancy Smith here, Says Shee is not any better. I was Calld by Wilm Saunders at 4h pm, his wife was Deld at 10 Evn of her 3d dagt & 4th Child and is Comfortable. I laid down & Slept Some.  [at Wm Saunders. Birth 14]

For more information on Martha see my earlier post of March 27 which can be found here


The transcription of the diary entry above is taken form the indispensable website dohistory. The transcription of the diary is the work of Robert R. McCausland and Cynthia MacAlman McCausland.  

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