April 16 1812: Le Couteur writes to Brock

On April 16, 1812, Major-General Le Couteur writes to Major-General Brock asking him to  assist his seventeen year old son, John Le Couteur, who has been sent to Canada. Two days earlier, on April 14,1812, Admiral James Saumarez had also written to Brock asking Brock to help John Le Coutear. On April 20, the boy's grandfather, Sir John Dumaresq, will also write a letter of introduction for him. 

In November 18111, John Le Conteur, though only 17  years old, had been promoted from Ensign in the 96th Regiment (on Jersey) to a Lieutenant in the 104th Regiment of Foot. His regiment was posted in Fredericton, New Brunswick, so he was sent there. In the War of 1812, the 104th regiment was ordered to march 700 miles from Fredericton to defend Kingston in Upper Canada. The march took from February 21 to April 12, 1813.  After the war, in 1816, Le Couteur was appointed Aide-de-camp to his father who was now serving in  Curaçao. The letter of Major General Le Conteur is reproduced below.

LISBON, April 16, 1812.
I am here in consequence of a mistake in orders sent to me by  Lord Palmerston, to join the army in Portugal, when his  lordship meant Jamaica. On my arrival at Lisbon I found out the mistake, and I hope in a few days to sail for my real  destination.
My son, whom you perhaps will remember an infant when you were   in Jersey, will have the pleasure to deliver you this letter,  if the 104th regiment be in your neighbourhood. He is only seventeen years old; very young to be sent loose on the wide  world. Allow me to recommend him to your kindness and friendly
protection; and should he be quartered at some distance from   you, permit me to request you will be so good as to introduce  him to some steady officer, or to such of your friends as might be in his neighbourhood. I shall hope to have him soon  as my aide-de-camp.

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