April 22 1812: Harrison Calls for War Against the "Scoundrels"

On April 22, 1812,  William Henry Harrison, the territorial Governor of Indiana, writes to to William Eustis, the Secretary of War, calling for a "war of extirpation" against the native aboriginal tribes.  

VINCENNES 22nd, April 1812 
10 O'clock p. m. 


A colonel [John] Small has just arrived from the Settlement on the Embarras River five miles west of this place Avith the information of the murder of another family by the Indians about 8 o'clock this evening. A gentleman who arrived last evening informs me that a number of Winebagos, Sacs, Kickapoos etc. are now with Governor Edwards in council at Cahokia. What faith in future can be placed in the promises of these scoundrels or what other course is there left for us to pursue but to make a war of exterpation [sic] upon them? If some offensive operations are not soon commenced against them we shall loose more of our citizens than the most bloody battle would cost us. 

I have dispatched a party of Rangers and militia in pursuit of the Indians and I think there is a great probability that they will be overtaken. 

I send this letter after the mail carrier by a special Express. 

And am with great respect your Humble Servant 
Wm. Henry Harrison 

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