June 27 1812: Brock Orders

On June 27 1812, Major General Brock in Upper Canada issues the following orders:  

District General Order. 
Niagara  27th June, 1812.

No. 1. Colonel Proctor will assume the command of the troops, between Niagara and Fort Erie. The Honorable Colonel Glaus will command the militia, stationed between Niagara and Queenston; and Lieut.-Colonel Clarke from Qneenston to Fort Erie. 

No. 2. The Commissariat, at their respective posts, will ration and fuel, for the numbers actually present; the Car Brigade horses, and those of the Provisional Cavalry are included in this order. Officers commanding corps or detachments, will sign the necessary certificates previous to issuing the rations.

3. The detachments of the 41st Regiment stationed at the two' and four-mile points, will be relieved by an equal number of the 1st Lincoln Militia to bring blankets with them on service.

4. The troops will be kept in a constant state of readiness for service, and Colonel Proctor will direct the necessary guards and patrols, which are to be made down the bank, and close to the water's edge.

5. Lieut.-Colonel Nicholl is appointed Qr. -Master General to the militia forces, with the same pay and allowances as those granted to the Adjutant General.

By order of the Major-General,

(Signed) Thos. Evans, B. Major.

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