June 5 1812: George Hamilton to be Dubbed Captain

On June 5, 1812, a very pleased George Hamilton writes to William Jarvis that he is waiting for General Brock, having dined with him yesterday, and now "waiting his return from the Garrison to be dubbed Captain". Hamilton goes on to add "the intent of this long preamble is to beg of you to assist me in getting my accouterments" which he needs for his new position. The letter of George Hamilton to William Jarvis is reproduced below.

Dear Sir, 

The Royal George is now at the wharf with 250 recruits belonging to the 41st Regiment and the Gloucester in sight with 50 more on board, which you will agree with me, is no contemptible addition to our forces here. 

Yesterday, we had a grand display on the plains.  Col. Procter with the 41st Regt. in the centre, Major Merritt with his light horse on the right and Captain Powell with his company of artillery on the left and do them no more than justice they fired remarkably well.  The General (Brock) appeared highly pleased with them as also the Sheriff's troop.  

The General was pleased to say the other day, he wished another troop to be raised in Stamford and from that to Fort Erie and wished me to take the command of it which I had not the slightest objection to, informing me that Merritt was to be Major of the whole. As Alexander (Hamilton) who is Captain of the troop here had gone to Long Point and did not make his appearance, I took possession of his jacket and accoutrements which luckily suited me exactly and appeared with Merritt as Captain of the Troop and was complimented on my appearance and the new dress.  I had taken care however beforehand to state the case fairly and on waiting on the General afterwards, he did not seem displeased but directed me to call on him to-morrow and he would present me with my commission.  

I dined with him afterwards and am now here again only waiting his return from the Garrison to be dubbed Captain and the intent of this long preamble is to beg of you to assist me in getting my accoutrements. 

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