June 29 1812: Americans Ordered Out of Quebec

On June 29, 1812, the following proclamation  was issued requiring Americans to quit the City of Quebec:
Whereas authentic intelligence has been received that the Government of the United States of America did, on the 18th instant, declare war against the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and its dependencies, Notice is hereby given, that all subjects or citizens of said United States, and all persons claiming American citizenship, are ordered to quit the City of Quebec on or before TWELVE o’clock at Noon on WEDNESDAY next and the District of Quebec on or before 12 o’clock at Noon on FRIDAY next, on pain of arrest.
Ross Cuthbert
C.Q.S. & Inspector of Police
The Constables of the City of Quebec are ordered to assemble in the Police Office at 10 oclock to-morrow morning to receive instructions. Quebec, 29th of June 1812

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