June 8: Liverpool Back In

On  June 8 1812, Thomas Creevey writes to his wife Eleanor Creevey about the political maneuverings taking place to form the next government in Great Britain. Britain basically has been without a Prime Minister since Spencer Perceval's assassination. Creevey is a Whig member of parliament and hopes that the Whigs will form the next government. In his letter, Creevey first passes on  a rumor that the Whig Lord Moira is to form the government. This rumor turns out to be false. Later in the day, he learns that Lord Liverpool is again to form a Tory government. Creevey's letter of June 8 1812 is reproduced below.

Brooks’s, Monday, 8th.
. . . I found from Sheridan yesterday just before dinner that Moira was First Lord of the Treasury, and that it was expected that the writs of Canning and others would be moved for to-night in the Commons. . . . He said he and Whitbread were to dine at Moira’s yesterday, and he concluded with his regret that Whitbread was not Chancellor of the Exchequer. . . . I came, of course, here in the evening, and I soon found there was a meeting of the party at Ponsonby’s to which, as I had no summons, of course I did not go. I found from people as they returned from this meeting that Whitbread had given great offence by giving his opinion that Grey and Grenville had pushed the thing too far in insisting, under all circumstances of the case, upon the surrender of the household. . . . This morning brought to my bed a note from Whitbread desiring to see me, which of course I instantly complied with, and from himself I learnt all the particulars of his intercourse with Moira. . . . Moira produced his plan for revoking Orders in Council, conciliating America by all manner of means, the most rigid economical reform, nay, parliamentary reform if it was wished for: in short every subject was most agreeable and satisfactory. . . . So far so good . . . but I have such a devil of new matter pressing upon me I must be off. Huskisson has just announced to people in the streets that Moira’s powers are revoked, and that a message is coming from the Prince saying he (Moira) cannot form a Government, and that he has ordered his old servants to proceed with public business.”
House of Commons. Same date.
Well, this is beyond anything. Castlereagh has just told us that Moira resigned the commission this morning, and that His Royal Highness had appointed Lord Liverpool Prime Minister. Was there ever anything equal to this? . . .

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